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Works of Inuit Art

As a dynamic online art gallery, we represent several master carvers and great graphic artists and many leading artists mainly from Cape Dorset, Nunavut. Several artists hail from other centers in the Far North that produce Eskimo art prints, Pangnirtung, Baker Lake and Holman.
Sculptures by Inuit artists are accompanied by the Igloo Tag or Eskimo Tag, the famous certificate of authenticity. The master carvers whose sculptures head our online inventory include the renowned Axangayuk Shaa and Ashevak Tunnillie, currently considered to be the foremost sculptors on the subject of the polar bear. The extremely talented Toonoo Sharky's works, carvings and drawings by Jutai Toonoo in his powerful semi-abstract style and some major pieces by Palaya Qiatsuq and Ohito Ashoona highlight our strong and diversified Inuit sculptures collection.

Original Inuit prints are signed by the artist, bear the printer's chop mark and show the edition number. We showcase the works of Kenojuak Ashevak, Kananginak Pootoogook, Pitseolak and Shuvinai Ashoona and Victoria Mamnguqsualuk Kayuryuk among many other print artists.

Original drawings made in the Cape Dorset print shop are valuable works of art, for they take us into the inner world of the Inuit artists who are the authors of original prints. One-of-a-kind drawings reveal innumerable perspectives on the relationship of the Inuit mind to this people's demanding way of life. Each drawing is signed by the artist.

sculptures in stone
Limited Edition Art Work
Original Prints from Cape Dorset
Original Prints for Other Co-Ops
Original Prints from other Co-Ops
Pentel pen and Colored Pencils Drawings
Original One-of-a-Kind Drawings
Cape Dorset Calendar
Cape Dorset Calendar