How To Purchase

How to Purchase
We accept payments via Visa, MasterCard and by cheque. Artworks may be purchased on an immediate basis or a custom order basis.

When you see the Add to Cart button next to an art piece you can purchase it immediately.

  If the note "The price includes the insured shipping charges" is indicated above the 
Add to Cart box
      purchase a piece in just one step:

          - Place it in your cart and complete the payment procedure, as indicated.
           - We will package the artwork and send you a tracking number one to three working days later.
                              (Purchases shipped outside North America will be charged an extra 50.00 CAD automatically.)

2.  If the note "The price includes the insured shipping charges" does not appear above Add to Cart,
      purchase a piece in just two steps:
           - Place it in your cart and complete the payment procedure for the artwork concerned first.
           - Next, you will pay for the exact insured shipping charges automatically.
                      (We will package the artwork(s), and one to three working days later
                       we will send you a second receipt for the insured shipping payment.)
           - We will send the tracking number as soon as your package has been put into delivery.
For your convenience we are currently phasing in one-step shipping-included prices. You can
the "price of an artwork insured shipping costs to your destination" breakdown.
          - Please contact us if you have any inquiries.
          - Contact us if you are interested in a customized payment/shipping arrangement.

Note that combined shipping charges, when more than one artwork is purchased at the same time, are lower than shipping charges when works are purchased separately.

Custom orders for artworks are not accompanied by an Add to Cart button. Please contact us directly to place a custom order.