April 2012 Volume 17.1


Dear Friends of Loondance,

This is the first newsletter on our newly reconstructed and expanded web site. Now you can enjoy accessing our art categories and our improved and added information features easily from the Home Page. Most texts can be read in English and in French. The majority of our artworks are available for purchase immediately. The shopping cart allows you to purchase artworks securely and conveniently. We also offer you many art pieces on a custom order basis.


Dec. 9 1995 - We opened our doors as a walk-in art gallery at the beautiful resort of Tremblant in the Laurentian Mountains. The very first artworks we sold were some smoke-fired ceramic works hand made by the Québec artist Lyse Fleury. Over the years, Loondance Gallery organized many exhibitions of her pottery, on themes like Hands and Clay, held annual workshops at the gallery with her participation and sold over 1200 of Lyse Fleury's beautiful one-of-a-kind vases, plates, urns and boxes to an appreciative public.

1996-1997 - We presented our first exhibition-sales of Sculptures by Inuit Artists: Three Younger Masters (Toonoo Sharky, Taqialak Nuna and Turataga Ragee) and A Woman's Touch (Oviloo Tunnillie, Omaluk Oshotsiak and others). Our in-gallery retail exhibitions on Inuit Art that followed in subsequent years include: Arctic Wings, Transformation, The Dance, Spirits and Vitality and Treasures in Serpentine.

1996 through 2006 - We carried the Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection.

1998-1999-2001 - We offered the Baker Lake Annual Print Collection.

November 2003 - We won the prize for Retail Sales from the Mont-Tremblant Chamber of Commerce at the annua Gala of Excellence.

Throughout our eleven years "at the mountain", we presented many workshops and demonstrations and we also participated in several local cultural happenings. Michel Gautier, Henry Kudluk, Lyse Fleury, Sara Mills, Suzanne Morin, Éric Tardif and Simon Lefrançois all visited us on multiple occasions. As well as offering individual workshops, they met with our interested customers and they took part in the annual Fine Arts on the Mountain gathering, among other events.

April 30, 2007 - We sadly closed our doors as a walk-in store and started going virtual only.

As a virtual gallery, we are committed to offering our clients the same high level of services as always, both in terms of the quality of the artworks that we offer and the quality of your buying experience, from making inquiries, to finalizing an individual or a corporate gift purchase, to tracking an always insured shipment.

We have put on several virtual exhibition-sales since late in 2008, including The Legacy of Pitseolak, Still Burning with Zeal, Shades of the Inuit Imagination and Drawings by Kananginak. We will continue to do provide you with the enriching experience of viewing one of our virtual retail exhibitions, starting this spring.