Paintings in China Ink

Marc Tremblay is a self-taught artist, motivated by a strong personal vision. Rather than pursuing formal studies, "he found within himself his own style and technique", in order to poignantly express "'The Human Landscape of Charlevoix' where his ancestors had wrested a living from the rock, the forest and the sea." - So wrote Claudette Lambert in her introduction to "Heritage", a collection of his paintings.

Through his finely executed works on canvas, Marc Tremblay pays homage to his subjects who had to deal with a very difficult lifestyle. He has a unique method of creating realistic and highly detailed black and white portraits of the people of Charlevoix. His images entail up to 300 hours of brush-work with China ink. He is not just "a portraitist. He uses dots and lines to reach beyond the features, seek out depths, catch the inner vibrations of his subjects and capture a moment in their lives (Claudette Lambert)."

This collection of original China ink paintings is based on photographs from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. These finely rendered works bring to life scenes of historical value and of social reality in the Charlevoix region, renowned for its picturesque landscapes.

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