Suzanne Morin

Loondance Gallery has represented Suzanne Morin since 2003 and has sold many of her paintings. A biography written by François Landry some years ago follows below.

Morin, Suzanne

Neo-impressionism / Fauvism, Wood Scenes (Oils)

Born in the Laurentians, Suzanne Morin grew up between fields running through valleys and mountains, beloved scenes that first served as so many playgrounds and which later she caringly committed to canvas.

She started sketching scenes in childhood. In the late 1970’s, she decided to set down in oil paints the  feelings that arose in her when she faced a magnificent view: “to paint nature when the colors almost surpass reality" she muses reasonably. Suzanne Morin’s lighting is almost surreal even while her paintings depict the actual scenes which have inspired them: one observes autumnal woods, ponds of sapphire on which float the orange-coloured traces of dead leaves and where denuded trees stand reflected. While every work is minutely executed, detailed and apparently realistic, one would hardly be surprised if an elf sprang out of the decor. One must seek the opportunity to view the enchanted forests of Suzanne Morin.

Suzanne Morin’s first exhibitions were in British Columbia where she resided for ten years. Since returning east she has exhibited in Mont-Tremblant (1994), at the inauguration of the aerobic corridor (1998) and during the Cultural Days in Saint Faustin (1998). She participated in the St. Jovite Week of the Arts for a seventh time.

In 1999, she exhibited paintings in the Bookshop at the Lac Carré Train Station, at Hutchinson Gallery in Val David and in Le Daguet Restaurant on the South Shore of Montreal.

At the turn of the Millennium, her works were on show during two group exhibitions that were held at Club Tremblant. Shortly afterward, this was where Suzanne Morin’s first solo exhibition took place.

Her portfolio consists of over a hundred paintings.

Suzanne Morin
Huberdeau, QC

Text by François Landry

Translation by Yolande Kuzmicki