Itee Pootoogook


Date of Birth:    February 7, 1951                                               Male/Female:    Male                            
Place of Birth:   Cape Dorset    

Mother:             Ishuhungitok Pootoogook

Father:              Paulassie Pootoogook                                                                                                                                


2008, 2009, 2010, 2011                                                                    
Cape Dorset Annual Print
(illustrated catalogues)

Oct 2009 – Jan 2010                                                                         
Uuturautiit: Cape Dorset Celebrates 50                                                                                                                         
Years of Printmaking
National Gallery of Canada
Ottawa, Ontario
(illustrated catalogue)

October, 2009 – January, 2010                                                       
Nunannguaq: In the Likeness of the Earth
McMichael Canadian Art Collection
Kleinburg, Ontario

July – December, 2010                                                                     
Nipirasait: Many Voices
Inuit Prints from Cape Dorset
The Canadian Embassy Art Gallery
Washington, DC

April, 2011                                                                   
Inuit Modern: The Samuel and Esther Sarick Collection
Art Gallery of Ontario
Toronto, Ontario
(Illustrated catalogue)

June 2011                                                                     
Dorset Large:
Large Scale drawings from the Kinngait              
Feheley Fine Arts
Toronto, Ontario
(illustrated catalogue)


November, 2010                                                                                 
Itee Pootoogook –
An Arctic Lens
Feheley Fine Arts
Toronto, Ontario
(illustrated catalogue)

March – April, 2011                                                                            
Itee Pootoogook
Marion Scott Gallery
Vancouver, British Columbia
(illustrated brochure)


Itee Pootoogook: A Comfort Level in the Medium
Jessica Newton
Inuit Art Quarterly  Fall 2010  Vol 25  No 3

Itee Pootoogook: Drawing in the Cold
Robert Enright
Border Crossings, 2011  issue # 115